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A multi-cultural musical experience fusing Gypsy, Middle Eastern, Celtic, Greek and Turkish styles with Rock.

Traveler’s sound is an innovative, new fusion of World Music and Rock. Using traditional ethnic instruments combined with all the power of a full blown rock band, their performances are intense, exotic and adrenaline-driven.

The real magic of a Traveler show is in the connection they make with the audience. They give a high energy , passionate performance that draws the audience in, perhaps by the combination of the cultural connection people have to the ethnic sounds of their own heritage and this music that is so unique. For whatever reason, people are always moved to their feet, and drawn closer to the stage to be part of the experience.

Scott Jeffer’s is composer and band leader. His own Lebanese heritage and American upbringing has inspired his vision to fuse elements of ancient ethnic music with rock.

He has traveled extensively through foreign lands to gather inspiration for the Traveler project. Composing most of his songs while surrounded by the people, sounds, sights, smells and landscape of these far away places brings a true authenticity to the fusion. Known for his fiery and passionate violin and vocal performances, Scott’s commanding presence onstage adds to the trademark power of the live Traveler shows. He also brings traditional instruments from his journeys to the stage; Bouzouki,a traditional Greek stringed instrument and an Arabic Oud, an ancient predecessor to the guitar.

Traveler spent the last two summers headlining festivals in Montana, Texas, Utah, Colorado and Canada.

They also perform regularly in Arizona, where the band is based.

Traveler is…

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2013 – Turkish “Lady Obscure Music Magazineinterview with Scott Jeffers of Traveler. Also check out the great interview with Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull and feature article on David Bowie. – more . . . Click here to read the interview.

David McNabb, Festival Director - “Scott Jeffers and his group, Traveler turned out to be the biggest hit of the first annual Prescott Celtic Festival in Oct, 2010. They have amazing energy onstage and are true showmen. They had the audience enthralled the entire time.”- more . . .

Tim Cretsinger, Director, Groovefest American Music festival, Cedar City, Utah“Traveler, lead precisely by the dashing exhibition of Scott Jeffers, was a group that was literally unknown in our area, but just one performance changed all that, making them superstars to the thousands that witnessed them, in just a couple of hours!” - more . . .

Steve “Doc” Floor, Performing Arts Coordinator, Utah Arts Festival“Traveler is an exceptional world music band. . . .  outstanding, high energy and colorful entertainment  . . . We’ve had ‘em twice and we’d have ‘em again!” – more . . .

Carol Weatherall-director, North Country Fair, Alberta, Canada – “The North Country Fair was ecstatic to present Traveler for the 2010 festival. Crazy energy, traditional violin mixed with screaming metal guitar. Who could ask for more?” – more . . .

Geoff Watling, 2009 Performers Committee Coordinator, Director, Kispiox Valley Music Festival - “I was thrilled to be able to bring the act “Traveler” to our festival. With their unique blend of traditional eastern influences and western rock they were certainly a crowd pleaser. The leader, Scott Jeffers is an amazing front man with a mesmerizing stage presence and a musical virtuosity seldom seen.” – more . . .

Rick Newberry, Festival Director, Atlin Music Festival Whitehorse, Yukon – “Traveler was the secret ingredient in our festival that had everyone asking for more!”

Randi Carnahan, Tanana Valley State Fair, Fairbanks, Alaska – “My only regret is that they were only here for 2 days; we were asked about them constantly for the remaining 7 days of the Fair . . . Their music is a GREAT fit for Alaska . . .” – more . . .